Magic Pumpkin – La Zucca Magica (dual language)

(EN) MAGIC PUMPKIN (by CB & Amélie Amande) Leaving the house early in the morning, when  still dark,  coming back late in the evening, spending most of our time indoors … This is what winter is, for most of us. These are the months when we need help fighting the lack of light effects ….

Legends & Wellness Secrets from Tuscan Woods (dual language)

(IT) Il Corbezzolo: Leggende e Segreti di Benessere dai Boschi Toscani (by Marì R.) – Passeggiando per i boschi autunnali calmi e stanchi dopo l’estate, tra il verde scuro dei lecci ed il verde-giallo delle foglie delle querce pronte a cadere, si possono facilmente individuare delle chiazze di verde brillante punteggiate di bianco e rosso….

Linden Tree – Tiglio (dual language)

(EN) Linden Tree: The Scented One (by Marì R) I was in my garden, hydrangeas in full bloom, reading one of the books from The Lord of the Rings. My nose into the pages, thanks to Tolkien’s powerful writing, I was transported with Frodo, one of his characters, walking with him into the Lorien woods….

Vitamin-rich Rose Hip (dual language)

(EN) Rose Hip – Rosa canina is one of the key elements for the Essere-Bio-Spa products by Essere-per-te, Un Laboratorio tra le Colline. There are five distinct species of this rose: dog rose (Rosa canina), field rose (Rosa arvensis), sweet briar (Rosa rubiginosa), burnet rose (Rosa spinosissima), and downy rose (Rosa villosa). The Etruscan Herbarium…

Salt: Secrets & Benefits (dual language)

Salt: Secrets & Benefits (EN): Pink, Red, white, gray, whole, refined, iodized, coming from Sicily or from the exotic Himalaya, whatever the type or the origin, Salt can be a powerful ally or a strong enemy for our organism. Sal maris, Latin for Salt from the sea, was used in Tuscany since old times and right…