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Quarantena (quarantine) : Do you know that this word has an Italian origin? From quaranta, 40, the number of isolation  days applied to people or animals with infectious diseases to prevent spreading.Storia della Repubblica di Venezia - Wikipedia

The term quarantine actually derives from Venice. It refers to the 40 days that the Venetian Republic imposed on ships arriving in the city.

Moreover, it was precisely following the plague in 1300 that an organized  “public health” system  was created in Italy.  It goes back in time and it is a sign of a high degree of civilization.La quarantena, ultima occasione per cambiare il modello di ...

The main states of Northern Italy, to fight the “black death”, developed a public health system that was rudimentary at the time of the pandemic (1348) but which reached a high degree of complexity and refinement in the mid-1600s.

Espressioni utili

Stare in quarantena o fare la quarantena, osservare il prescritto periodo di isolamento;

Mettere, Tenere in quarantena,  mettere qualcuno in isolamento

Fig : tenere in q. un funzionario in attesa di promozione/ mettere, tenere in q. una riforma, una pratica, una notizia, non darle immediata attuazione o pubblicità


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