PANCIA – Word of the Week


Pancia – Word of the Week:  Pancia, is a colloquial noun used in Italian for  “tummy, belly, stomach”(in English). Ventre or Addome are the more elegant versions of the same.

Pancia is largely used in numerous “modi di dire”.Risultato immagini per pancia

Modi di Dire con pancia

Seguire la pancia , means follow the instinct, gut instinct … Prendere decisioni “di pancia” is to take risky decisions.

Parlare alla pancia della gente is used whenever we talk about Politicians addressing people’s immediate needs and problems.

Avere mal di pancia is to suffer from stomach pain or tummy ache, as children say.Risultato immagini per mal di pancia

Essere a pancia piena or… a pancia vuota, means to have eaten a lot or not at all.

Risultato immagini per pancia piena disegno

Metter su pancia, ingrassare – put on weight,  Starsene a pancia all’aria; fig. poltrire- laze, lounge

fig. Grattarsi la pancia, oziare- doing nothing.  Una donna con il pancione  (big belly) is used to indicate a pregnant woman.Risultato immagini per donna con pancione disegni

Compared to heart or brain, this part of the body,  is commonly dismissed with the colloquial wordOur Naturopath says that Pancia, home for the intestine, actually is, according to recent scientific researches,  one of the main “centers for the production of happiness”.  In fact, 90% of Serotonin is produced here and a lack of balance produces melancholy.

Is it maybe in the pancia the secret for good mood?

Health & Good Mood in the pancia?

The belief that psychic balance could have its foundation  right in the belly area, dates back hundreds of years.  A famous religious figure , Ildegarda di  Bingen,also an expert herbalist, focused, for a long time,  her attention on curing intestinal disorders with powerful herbs in order to re-establish a balance between mood and good health.Risultato immagini per pancia

Now it ‘s all about pro and prebiotics and research shows how important a good intestinal flora is to help “ageing gracefully” and with a “ sharper mind”.

So, with this in mind, Pancia is our world of the week and our partner team Essere-per-te will soon write for us some healthy recipes for our “benessere.   For now , all we have to do is “ Starcene in panciollead aspettare (that is to say: wait in complete relaxation)


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