“Girlfriend Getaways” – Piccole Pause in Toscana

“Girlfriend Getaways” – Piccole Pause in Toscana : Itineraries planned for, and led by, women to UNPLUG & ENJOY some ME-TIME

Tea for 2
Tea for 2

Traveling Alone – It can be such a rewarding experience! Learning to travel alone can be the occasion to grow and re-connect with your inner –self. In the meantime, you can enjoy the companionship of other women coming from different parts of the world and at  different stages of their lives, all sharing one same passion.

Street photography
Street photography

In our experience, the connections that women are able to form in these occasions, are significantly deeper than on mixed trips. We believe that our experiences bring women together.

The Team
The Team

Whether you share our passion for learning the ITALIAN LANGUAGE and CULTURE, or you simply would love to DISCOVER TUSCANY through real EXPERIENCES, our MODULAR LONG WEEKENDS  are worth exploring!

Piccole Pause in Toscana

Let me introduce you to our new idea; PICCOLE PAUSE IN TOSCANA is  a series of modular courses and/or short holidays you can create by yourself by simply choosing  how to combine different experiences from our list,  according to your interest and passions. We help you plan.

Under the Tuscan Sun Diane lane
Under the tuscan sun Diane lane

The Options: with Italian language or simply sightseeing?

  • Would you like to do an Italian full immersion course on your own or with a friend at a time that is suitable with your busy schedule?

Maybe you would like to go for a short break and combine  language course & experiences, in TUSCANY and vicinities, to have a REAL Italian experience?

  • Maybe you don’t speak Italian, and all you want is to visit SIENA and TUSCANY with expert locals who can take you around unusual itineraries together with fun hands-on experiences that you’ll remember for a lifetime?

    esperienza: scuola di cucina
    esperienza : scuola di cucina

A long weekend is our formula for a PICCOLA PAUSA  in TOSCANA (generally Fri – Mon) to unplug and enjoy some me-time!

Girlfriend Getaway
Girlfriend Getaway

Day-trips and Workshops in Tuscany available any time of the year: you decide when and where.

Join us in a unique experience!

The Modular choice is also ideal if travelling alone and prefer not to join a group.

How does the Modular option work?

Browse our list of  experiences


Pick the activities you would like to do and talk with us about other things you would like to add.

If interested in daily Italian lessons, we can send you a lesson plan for the mornings and the experiences you have chosen for the afternoons. We will send you a quote for the price once you have agreed on the program.

Our Suggestions for 2020

Piccole pause
Piccole pause

Alternatively, you can decide to  join one of our planned Piccole Pause in Toscana.

In this case, courses will take place once we have at least 4 participants.

For info contact: chiarastuscany@gmail.com

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