Reality or Fiction: Leonardo’s ice cream


Reality or Fiction: Leonardo’s ice cream:  I discovered Simona Bertocchi…while eating an ice cream in Siena during a “Gelato Experience with my language students.

500 con gelato
500 con gelato

My passion for food and culture together with my obvious sweet tooth (hidden behind a “cultural mission”) is always a good excuse.

Novel and Ice cream ?

Simona is an Italian writer and her books are often linked to Tuscany and its history.

I have already wrote a lot about Gelato, its origins, fun facts and Italian lessons in pills to be ready to order your favourite Gelato, but there is always more to learn …Risultato immagini per i pasticci di leonardo

So while finding out about some intriguing new gelato flavours at Kopakabana Gelateria in Via dei Rossi, I learnt about Simona’s latest book called “ I pasticci di Leonardo” and her unusual project.

Pasticcio” in Italian is a word used for a pie, a cake, but it is also an expression to say a mess or a problem/trouble.

The idea behind the book starts from a legend about Leonardo’s stepfather, a pastry chef.

coppetta o cono
coppetta o cono

Together with her collaborator Enzo Masci, she had an original idea :  why not tie the extraordinary life of Leonardo Da Vinci to the world of patisserie through a novel?  History is mixed with Simona’s creative imagination. The result is a light-hearted book, one to get stuck into.Risultato immagini per i pasticci di leonardo

When the text was published, Simona, in collaboration with an expert in the field: Andrea Cinelli, director of a leading company, Fugar Produzione S.p.A., came up with the idea of combining the story with a dedicated ice cream line. This is how  Leonardo’s desserts (pasticci) started.

Nuvole di Caterina…

Following this clever collaboration, eight signature flavors have been created and dedicated to her story. Each one has an evocative name ( Nuvole di Caterina-Caterina’s Clouds, Vento di Moro– Moro’sWind…)Risultato immagini per i pasticci di leonardo

I find it a fantastic marketing strategy and a brilliant idea to promote three things I truly love : Tuscany , books and, of course, high quality artisanal Italian ice cream!Risultato immagini per i pasticci di leonardo assaggi

Only some ice cream makers all over Italy have joined the project and offer the novel’s tastes in their ice cream shop. You can recognize them by a symbol with the name “ I Pasticci di Leonardo” on display near their Gelati.

gelato artigianale
gelato artigianale

So….just in case you needed one more excuse to eat ice cream while in Italy, I say Grazie to Signora Bertocchi for giving me yet another reason to take Tuscany explorers in Gelateria!


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