Buon Ferragosto wherever you are!
What’s Ferragosto?


August 15th in Italy, according to the Catholic Church, is the celebration of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary into Heaven.
However, the holiday in Italy is older and comes from the Latin “Feriae Augusti”‘, celebrations for the Emperor Augustus in Roman times.

You will find crowded places at the seaside, lakes or mountains but much quieter cities. Don’t be surprised by the frequent signs CHIUSO PER FERIE popping up all over shops and public

However, unlike many other public holidays, on Ferragosto  you can find a large number of museums and cultural sites that remain open. So it’s an excellent time to take the chance to visit major attractions  in almost empty cities.


A big exception is Siena that, every year,  is in full swing as August 15th is just the day before the PALIO (August 16th) , major event for the city.

Sbandieratori Palio by M Gambelli8
Sbandieratori Palio by M Gambelli

If you decide not to visit cultural sites, there’s still plenty to do on Ferragosto. Many small towns have processions with parades carrying statues of the Virgin Mary through the centre and churches will have special services for” l’Assunzione di Maria in Cielo”.

Wherever you are, go with the flow and  Enjoy!



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