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PAROLA – Word of the Week: 5- 7th April, it’s time for Parole in Cammino -Festival dell’Italiano , at its III edition in Siena. The event is based on a  project, promoted by the association” La parola che non muore”  in collaboration with Comune di Siena, and with the participation of Università per Stranieri and the University of Siena. Imagine a journey through the Italian language, an itinerary between past, present and future, keeping in mind the many other “languages” present in the territory.No photo description available.

This week what better word to choose for the occasion if not PAROLA (word)?

Sometimes no words are needed, sometimes they are essential.

Senza parole
Senza parole

Sometimes, a volte, we remain speechless – a volte si rimane senza parole

A volte sono parole al vento (wasted words) – altre volte le parole sono come macigni (as heavy as stones, fig. words that leave a mark)

Un parolaio is someone that doesn’t keep his promises

Sparlare – Talking behind back

Parlottio – Whisperings

Espressioni con PAROLA

How many expressions do you know with the word PAROLA? There are so many! Here are the ones that came to my mind:Non sarai ricordato per ciò che hai detto. Preoccupati di trasmettere emozioni, non nozioni, fatti, non parole.

Avere la parola facile – To have a ready tongue

Dire due parole a – Have a word with someone

In due parole – In a few words : Ti racconto la storia in due parole

E’ una parola! – It’s easier said than done!

Tutto parole! – It’s all hot air!

In parole povere – In simple words

In poche parole – In a nutshell

Mangiarsi le parole– To mumblekanako my little paris

Mantenere la parola – To keep a promise

Non dire mezza parola – Not to say anything

Prendere la parola – To take the floor

Prendere in parola – To trust someone

Rimangiarsi la parola – To eat one’s word

Le Parole  di Gianni Rodari

Speaking about Words, Gianni Rodari must certainly be mentioned among the greatest authors of nursery rhymes, rhymes and poems for children.

A primary elementary teacher from Omegna, where he was born in 1920, he was an Italian writer, educator, journalist and poet, specialized in texts for children and young people that have been translated in many languages.Risultati immagini per bolle di sapone

One of my favourite rhymes is Bolle di Sapone (Soap Bubbles): Take your dictionary if you need to. Read the parole aloud, enjoy the sound and rhythm. I hope you’ll love it as much as I do

“Sono bolle di sapone le loro parole,

escono dalla bocca e danzano al sole.

Nelle case, per le strade,

dappertutto in ogni momento

milioni di bolle  volano via con il vento.” (Gianni Rodari)

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