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And with the countdown to Christmas- Natale, our word of the week is ALBERO (tree) as in Albero di Natale!  Un Albero (sing)  and molti Alberi (pl) but each type has its own name so…let’s have a look at some of the most popular in Tuscany.

Christmas Tree
Christmas Tree

Let’s start by  the seasonal- stagionale  ABETE (Fìr Tree ), a very Christmassy tree, un albero natalizio,  not typical of Tuscany but part of the Christmas tradition. In December, you can find them at garden centers for the traditional holiday decorations. We then carry on our green-tour with the iconic Tuscan CIPRESSO (Cypress), that we know has far away origins: ;

Bogheri Cipressi by T. Pieroni
Bolgheri Cipressi by T Pieroni

the  often secolare ( centuries old)  QUERCIA (Oak Tree),frequently characterizing many Tuscan woods – BOSCHI therefore called Querceti  or the symbolic OLIVO (Olive Tree) often found in the region which grows in beautiful Oliveti (Olive groves ), the scholarly (erudito)  ALLORO (Laurel- Bay Tree): traditionally used in Italy as the crown of leaves to celebrate newly graduated university students. The Laurel triumphal crown, in Greek mithology,  was the symbol of glory and wisdom. The plant, considered  Apollo’s tree,  has had a reputation as a magical and beneficial tree.


We would like to add to our tour the romantic CILIEGIO (Cherry Tree), adorning Tuscan Springs with its  FIORI ROSA o BIANCHI  (pink or white flowers) followed by the sparkling red fruits : le brillanti CILIEGIE ROSSE ; the beautiful POMO (Persimmons tree) which light up the grey autumnal days with its bright  orange fruits, called CACHI or POMI , the Mediterranean PINO MARITTIMO,

pini al mare
pini al mare

with its unmistakable shape often molded by the strong sea winds,the melancholic SALICE , also called for its shape SALICE PIANGENTE,  and l’ OLMO ( Elm Tree) , la BETULLA ( Birch Tree) , il curative EUCALIPTO.

For now let’s stop here: it is time to decorate our Albero di Natale that, in Italy goes next to our traditional PRESEPE (Nativity):

Babington Chirstmas decorations
Babington Christmas decorations

pieces of different cultures and traditions melting in perfect harmony. A good omen for the days to come in our multicultural new world.

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