FIORE – Word of the Week


Word of the Week is FIORE – flower : Summer activities are flourishing all around Italy and in Italian we say “Le attività estive fioriscono”, from “FIORIRE”- flourishing but also  blooming.

Singular FIORE (flower), with FIORI as plural adding a splash of colour to all Italian windows and balconies

fiori balcone
fiori balcone

Of course these are FIORI DI STAGIONE, FIORELLINI and not FIORI SECCHI or, much worst, FIORI FINTI!

We love FIORI DI CAMPO (like poppies, PAPAVERI and sunflower, GIRASOLI, fiori di LAVANDA)

fiori lavanda
fiori lavanda

but we can also find beautiful ones at the FIORAIO (florist) where you can have MAZZI di FIORI or COMPOSIZIONI FLOREALI. Italian cities may have IL MERCATO DEI FIORI too.

FIORI SI REGALANO or …SI MANGIANO! Have you ever tried the delicious fried Pumpkin Flowers like the  Italians cook? And did you know that, if you want to give flowers to a woman, in Italy you have to avoid CRISANTEMI? (Traditionally they are the flowers for cemeteries ) It could be interesting to know IL LINGUAGGIO DEI FIORI..meaning the symbol linked to the different flower type.


A flower bud is UN BOCCIOLO, and SBOCCIARE is the verb blossoming.  Una FANCIULLA IN FIORE is a  lovely young girl while, SFIORIRE is used  for withering plants as well as for fading beauty (La BELLEZZA SFIORISCE)

Useful expressions

Il fiore degli anni: indicates youth

In fiore: to being in the prime of one’s beauty

Essere il fiore all’occhiello: be a source of pride, an expression often used in the field of work and sport. Es. È il fiore all’occhiello della squadra di atletica.

Essere un fiore di serra: to be delicate

Essere un fiore nel deserto: to be out of the ordinary

Fiori d’arancio: indicate weddings

Essere tutto rose e fiori: it is an expression indicating a particularly happy, serene, easy situation. However, it is used more often in its negative form “non sono tutte rose e fiori“, reminding that even the apparently happier and more privileged situations involve fatigue and efforts.


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