ARIA- Word of the Week

Word of the week: ARIA  – In Summer, we like to spend as much time as we can all’aria aperta (in the open air). So we picked ARIA as  Word of the Week.

In music, an Aria is a long song accompanying a solo voice.  An Aria is usually in an opera. It is an Italian word of the 18th century meaning “ air” (i.e. tune)

If  you feel like vi manca l’aria, it means that you litteraly cant breathe or that a situation is unbearable . In any case, you need to change something !

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The word ARIA in Italian is used in many idiomatic expressions, such as:

Oggi non è aria = When things are not going according to plan and it’s better to wait

Fare castelli in aria = build castles in the sky

Cambiare aria = have a change of scenery, take a break

Campare d’aria = live on air

Aria fritta = empty talk, useless

Avere l’aria di… = to seem, to appear

Darsi delle arie = show off

Mandare all’aria = to ruin a project

Campato in aria = something with no base, no foundation

Essere nell’aria =  something is about to happen

Breath in, Breathe out ….Learn, Love & Breathe @chiarastuscany


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