Italiano dal Parrucchiere (Lesson in pill)

Italiano dal Parrucchiere: Diamoci un taglio!  In English : Let’s drop it! Let’s cut to the chase


In Italian it can be an idiomatic expression as well as exactly what you say to your hairdresser when you wish to cut your hair short.

In Italian  CAPELLI (plural) is Hair  (one of the myriad quirks of the English language.  In English , Hair, as a noun, is generally a non-countable noun, and it is used as singular to describe the total of the hair on the head) while, in Italian,   UN CAPELLO, is indicating one single hair: non ha un capello fuori posto! (meaning someone that doesn’t have a single messy hair , someone looking  perfect )

ANDARE DAL PARRUCCHIERE is going to the hairdresser. The word comes from PARRUCCA (wig) and it’s a very popular profession in Italy as there is a high demand for the service (as you surely heard of the importance of FARE BELLA FIGURA for Italians). You find PARRUCCHIERI (pl) ad ogni angolo (at every corner) and la Scuola per Parrucchieri in Italia is well renowned as it is highly professional.

MV Hair & Make-Up
MV Hair & Make-Up

I PARRUCCHIERI ITALIANI sono bravissimi a FARE LA PIEGA : they are excellent for blow dry and style.

I travel a lot and, honestly, I find hard to match anywhere else the quality I find of a simple blow dry from any simple hairdresser in Italy.

DAL PARRUCCHIERE si va per ( one goes for): UN TAGLIO (a cut), UNA PIEGA (blow dry), UN’ACCONCIATURA (styling), IL COLORE (colour) , UN RITOCCO PER LA RADICE (Roots-retouch), COLPI DI SOLE o  MECHES (highlilghts)

I CAPELLI sono BIONDI (blond), CASTANI (light brown), MORI (brown); NERI (black), ROSSI (red) o BIANCHI (grey). Se non ci sono….one is CALVO (bald)

long hair
long hair


Possono essere SECCHI (dry), ROVINATI (dull), TRATTATI (chemically treated), COLORATI (colored), GRASSI (greasy), LUNGHI (long) o CORTI (short)



Come li facciamo ? What hairstyle would you like ?

LISCI (straight), RICCI (curly), MOSSI (waivy); SCIOLTI (loose) o RACCOLTI (tied) IN UNO CHIGNON ( in a bun) o IN UNA TRECCIA (in a braid) o UNA CODA (in a ponytail)

Do you like FRANGE (fringes/bangs) or do you prefer IL CIUFFO LATERALE (side part)?

blonde at Caterina Hair Spa
blonde at Caterina Hair Spa

I TAGLI DI CAPELLI (Haircuts) dipendono dal tipo di viso (depend on face type), listen to your Parrucchiere!

More vocabulary

What’s about the products? I PRODOTTI PER I CAPELLI: LO SHAMPOO, IL BALSAMO (conditioner), LA MASCHERA (hair masque), OLI e SIERI ( oils and serum) but also IL PETTINE (comb), LA SPAZZOLA (brush),LA PIASTRA (straightner), Il  PHON or ASCIUGACAPELLI ( hairdryer) … Il PHON is a strange noun originating from the name of the hot German wind known as Föhn, chosen from the German company who produced the first hairdryers in Europe

Per finire , conoscete i modi di dire? Do you know these expressions?

Parrucchiere per bambini
Parrucchiere per bambini

Avere un diavolo per capello : to be very angry and nervous

Darci un taglio : cut to the chase

Avere i capelli ritti (per la paura o il disappunto) : to be scared or very disappointed

Tirare qualcuno per i capelli: force someone to do something he doesn’t want to do

Capelli e guai non mancan mai.: Hair is like troubles, we have plenty of both in life

Averne fin sopra i capelli : to be fed up with a situation

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