Words of the Week. Amore & Baci

Our word of the week…better to say words of the week are Amore e Bacio . Per questa settimana abbiamo due parole . Well it’s February – Febbraio– we couldn’ t ignore it: San Valentino, La Festa degli Innamorati, cioccolatini e coppiette romantiche ….I know, most of us are single and so who cares about San Valentino? Come on ! Let’s be real…love is all around us in February, if we want it or not and given that l’ Italiano is the most romantic language in the world….Come si dice ? Come si parla d’amore ? We give you here a picture with lots of espressioni di amore that you can learn (and if you are lucky practice) but we also need to warn you all about the big difference between Ti amo e Ti voglio bene . It is not a small nuance ….Ti Voglio bene = I love you, while  Ti Amo =I am in love with you.

You can use Ti voglio bene with your family and friends but, generally speaking,  you only use Ti amo with your partner.

Amare, Innamorarsi, Innamorato, Innamoramento, Amoroso, Amorevole…And when closing a letter? In Italian do not use at the end the literal translation (With) Love = Con Amore , it is not used and will make people laugh. You can end a letter to a friend ( not a formal one ) with a softer expression “ Con affetto”

E con l’Amore sta bene ( goes well) il Bacio , vero o di cioccolata . My favourite is Bacio Perugina, il cioccolatino con la frase d’amore : one the things of my childhood. It seems that Il Bacio comes from an idea by Luisa Spagnoli, founder of Perugina , in 1922 .

In an attempt to contain production cost in her chocolate factory, she mixed hazelnut grains, residues from many processes, with a whole hazelnut and covered it with dark chocolate. The final cioccolatino came up with a funny shape that reminded of the knuckle of a hand therefore it was initially called “Cazzotto” . Giovanni Buitoni, at that time managing director of Perugina and president of Buitoni, not convinced that it was a good idea to propose chocolates called “cazzotto”, decided to rename them with a more romantic name. Thus the “Bacio” Perugina was born. The story then said that Luisa used to leave love message to his lover Giovanni Buitoni written in small pieces of paper wrapped around chocolate….Vero o Falso (True or not), we love the little love message ( messaggino d’amore ) that we still find between cioccolatino e l’ incarto argentato (silver foil) as well as this storia molto romantica.

Buon Romantico Febbraio a tutti!

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  1. Simone Gennari says:

    Mi è venuta voglia di cioccolatini!!!

  2. Patrick says:

    Really nice

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