Riccioli & Cappelli-Outside the tourist shopping itinerary with Chiara

Outside the tourist shopping itinerary , and away from the busy streets in Siena, we found a lovely shop around the corner. You can’t get in in big groups, this is a shop for connoisseurs, out-of-the-crowd-shoppers , lovers of special things. Here is all about hats ( actually accessories too: gloves and scarves…) Lots of hats, lots of curls, perfect combination: I met years ago Matilde, a lovely girl with a crown of dark curls, but only recently we got to know each other for real. And what can I say? She is perfect in her little shop where timeless hat styles change with the seasons.  Funny hat, unusual ones, elegant, big, small, classic….I love them all.

She has a great selection of beautiful artisanal brands, mainly Italian and very much in line with Italian fashion tradition and good taste.

Think of vintage, go back to Alice in Wonderland, imagine Mad hatter with no tea party, Breakfast at Tiffany or Julia Robert’s Pretty Woman.  If you want to try and look for something special I would recommend it !!!

A few steps away from beautiful Piazza del Campo but hidden in a small street, “Momi” it’ is the typical place that needs discovering.  @ChiarasTuscany we love it!

Fancy a shopping tour while learning Italian with me? Who needs a classroom when so much can be done outside? By the way: a selection of Momi’s hats will be avalable at the exclusive Essere Spa Boutique at castello di Casole from Spring!

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